‘Aamis’ Review : This Slow burn Thriller is mind blowing! 

Aamis (2019/ Thriller/ Sonyliv)

An unusual story of love, passion and obsession that takes two individuals down a very unusual path!

Director/ Writer- Bhaskar Hazarika

Cast- Lima Das, Arghdeep Baruah


Nirmali (Das) is a doctor, a foodie and is dealing with a lonely life owing to her ever travelling doctor husband.

Sumon (Baruah) is a charming young man researching about food habits.

Their common love for food and new and authentic dishes brings them together.

While Sumon’s passion for Nirmali grows, Nirmali’s passion for unique foods grows.

Their passions soon turns into obsession.


I delved into the film armed with no knowledge of the film but glowing recommendations and a piqued curiosity having seen the trailer. 

Having carefully avoided reading about it, the film struck me most impressively and I must say I haven’t seen a more genre hopping film.

The film starts on a charming note where-in we are introduced to our lead characters and their normal relatable life. Lima Das looks absolutely beautiful and looks straight out of real life. Arghdeep has a natural charm to him and he’s brilliant in some of the more complex scenes.

Their chemistry with each other and with the food they love binds us to the story like a glue. As some one who loves food films, I was overjoyed to find this food angle in the story and the bits where they dig into the food with relish… only till a particular point.

Gradually the story takes an infatuation cum romance kind of turn. I was ready to expect some complexities as expected between a married family woman and a young man.

But what I couldn’t foresee was the dark turn ahead. I must say I was blown away by it. 

Brilliantly written and directed, the film could be categorised under many genres – a love story, a romance, a relationship drama, a food film and most of all a dark thriller. I haven’t see a graph ever that actually touches upon all.

It’s a true blue slow burn thriller that explores a different level of darkness altogether. No surprise that it has been backed by the king of dark cinema, Anurag Kashyap who is known to back up unorthodox stories.

Highly recommended for those appreciative of dark thrillers and regional cinema.

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