The Chase Review: A fair blend of humour and suspense in an engaging story 

The Chase (Korean/2017) (Netflix/ Crime/ Thriller / Mystery)

This Korean thriller revolves around a spate of deaths and a disappearance that leads to the chase for a killer from a 30 year old unsolved case.

Director – Kim hoon-seon

Writer – Yoo Kap-jeol

Cast – Yun-shik Baek, Sun Dong-il, Kim Hey-in


Deok Su is a grumpy old man always keeping an eye on his tenants and pending rents.

A spate of murders in the neighbourhood, a purported suicide of one his tenant, another one gone missing and a man claiming that all of these could be linked to a similar spate of murders 30 years ago leads his life to a jeopardy.

From being blamed for a death to saving himself and some else from death, Deok Su faces a lot before he finds the killer.


The central premise of a serial killer might appearingly seem not so new. But what makes the Korean films so special is their treatment of the story and the nuances they add. 

What I loved most about this gripping crime thriller is the central character which I feel was performed extremely well by You-shik Baek. One could see the good human side beneath the despicable facade, an adorable facet that gradually appears from beneath all the harshness. He keeps us absolutely hooked with his histrionics.

The blend of humour and intrigue keeps us thoroughly invested. The suspicions and hints thrown our way keep us embroiled in guesses. 

Another aspect that is admirable about the Korean thrillers is their style of layered revelations. When you think, they have revealed it, they still have an ace up their sleeve.

This crisp film keeps you gripped and chasing the killer. And this Chase is definitely worth the time for lovers of crime thrillers/ mystery thrillers / korean thrillers.

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