My Mother’s Wound Review: Gripping, Suspenseful and Moving Human Drama!

My Mother’s Wound (Turkish/2016) (Drama/Mystery) (Netflix)

A young orphan boy embarks upon a quest to find his parents.

This captivating human drama is swaddled in a suspenseful story and adorned with impressive performances.

Director – Ozan Aciktan

Writer – Funda Cetin 

Cast – Bora Akkas, Meryem Uzerli, Ozan Guven, Okan Yalabik, Belcim Bilgin,Sabina Ajrula


His mentor discourages him that orphans who go looking for their families often end up disappointed. But Salih, with his exuberance and hope, still goes ahead. 

His quest takes him from one family to another. He is torn between the chance of love and acceptance that his “present” throws at him and the need to settle scores with his ”past”.


I absolutely love the way some film makers relay their stories. When it’s a human story that keeps you invested and to top it up, there’s an element of mystery that keeps you hooked, there cannot be a better combination. This film reminded of the fantastic ‘Incendies’.

The film starts on a note that immediately has you emotionally invested. As it proceeds, the setting, the characters, the cast and their life-like performances add brilliance. The writer-director duo play around with the mystery element in a way that keeps you swaying this way and that away. There are moments when Salih has his heart beats racing and so are yours. 

The story conveys the strife torn lives and post war trauma in the most subtle of the manners. It leaves you shocked and pained.

With its impactful climax, the film makes a hard hitting point about the ravaging after effects of war but silver lining is the message and the nudge to move forward with life instead of dwelling on the past.

All the titular performances were impressive and added heft to the wonderful storytelling.

The film is a superb watch for those whole love niche international cinema and/or human dramas that bind you to their story mentally and emotionally.

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