Mimi Review: Performances shine and illuminate this entertaining film!

Mimi (2021/Netflix)

A heart tugging message wrapped in an entertaining film that offers a great blend of chuckles and tears. 

Director Laxman Utekar

Writers – Laxman Utekar , Rohan Shankar

Based On – Mala Aayi Vhhaychy by Samruddhi Porey

Cast – Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi, Sai Tamhankar, Supriya Pathak, Manoj Pahwa


Mimi (Sanon) is a small time girl who dreams of making it big in the tinsel town but falling short of means to do so. 

When Bhanu (Tripathi), a cab driver, approaches her on behalf of an American couple with a proposal for surrogacy, she’s lured by the moolah. 

The film takes us along her journey that completely changes her course of life & destination. 


The Mimi team has delivered a beautiful healthy baby which has been nurtured together by many aspects including stellar lead performances, great support cast, wonderful dialogues that maintain the humour even in heavy moments and great writing and direction that wonderfully balances complete entertainment along with a heart tugging message! 

The most impressive thing undeniably about this film is the amazing Sanon-Tripathi combo. They showcased a wonderful chemistry in Bareilly Ki Barfi. They take their performances to shining heights this time around, illuminating each frame with their nuanced portrayals. 

Every expression of Pankaj Tripathi brings such humour and such pleasure that I felt like jumping into frames and giving him a hug. He could make the most simplistic of dialogues miraculously delightful. 

Kriti has been slowly and steadily carving a niche for herself. Always a favourite as bubbly and beautiful, she crossed a perception barrier with Panipat and placed herself in a league with immense potential. 

With Mimi, she gets the opportunity to prove that potential. Her character not only has a wide range but some very intense and complex parts too. She handles them pretty well. 

Sai Tamhankar plays a perfect support role just like her character Shama in Mimi’s life. 

So do Manoj Pahwa and Supriya Pathak, as Mimi’s parents. 

The film maintains its hold on you through out, despite the fact that you could foresee what lies ahead. 

In parts where there’s a lull, performances hold fort. The first half is mainly light and humorous. 

The second half offers a delicious mix of all emotions. There are grim moments that are lightened up by some very efficient writing, without trivialising. 

Towards the climax, the film turns all its knobs towards soft emotions and give you loads of mushy and tear jerker moments. 

I loved the graph that the film takes finally ending on a beautiful, heart tugging note. 

The film highlights the complexities of surrogacy in the most beautiful way and delivers a relevant message wrapped in an entertaining package. 

Definitely worth your time for the entertainment, humour, performances and the message. 

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