Devil’s Advocate Review: Riveting, Mysterious and Mind-Blowing!

Devils Advocate (1997)(Netflix)

A riveting thriller that revolves around a life of a lawyer, his incredible success and the darkness that comes along with it.

Director – Taylor Hackford

Based on – Devils’s Advocate by Andrew Neiderman

Cast – Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Jeffrey Jones, Judith Ivey, Craig T Nelson


Kevin Lomax ( Reeves), a dynamic lawyer, has never lost a case. When he is offered by a maverick, Milton (Al Pacino) to join his top law firm, his life goes for an upward swing. High profile cases, success, money, he has it all, in the world of power and seduction.

He doesn’t pay heed when his wife Mary Ann(Theron) goes through unexplainable psychological problems, when he himself feels weird sometimes, even when his mother warns him that all doesn’t seem well.

He doesn’t realise the darkness descending upon his life. After all, everything comes at a cost!


It’s a film that wowed me with its intrigue, engagement, execution, cast, performances and most of all its concept and the metaphoric/moral theme.

It’s one of those stories that keep you wrapped around the fingers and zapped with the mystery. 

You’ll keep trying to rack your brains to guess what’s ahead. But unless you have read about it (which I’ll strictly advise against), you wouldn’t be able to guess much until much later.

Believe me, that’s the fun.

It begins with a highly engaging plot and a court case. With John’s incredible success, ensues an intrigue, an unknown suspicion, a tickle of the mind that there has to be a catch somewhere. After all, it all seems too good, too smooth to be true. 

And gradually the film begins to change tone. There’s an impending darkness. The suspense keeps you hooked and the dread keeps you on edge. Amidst all this, there are fantastic lead performances to revel in.

Al Pacino is stellar as the dark mysterious maverick.

Charlize Theron is superb. Loved her gradual transformation from a beautiful bubbly woman to a lost wife and then a pale and haunted woman.

Keenu Reeves is great too.

The film maintained a gripping graph through out. There’s shock, there are doubts, there’s a hunch and a mind blowing climax. 

It was interesting to know that not only the theme, but the art designing and dialogues had deep inferences from religious and literary works. And of course the principles can be applicable to a certain percentage in contemporary life too. Though that aspect gave rise to certain debates too about the theme.

This riveting thriller ,considering its awesome reception, rating and cast, might already have been seen by many. It’s highly recommended for those who yet haven’t.

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