ramprasad ki tehrvi

A story that revolves around a family that has come together due to the sudden death of its patriarch.

All their inter personal relationships and its realties come to fore.

Director/Writer – Seema Pahwa

Cast – Naseeruddin Shah, Supriya Pathak, Manoj Pahwa, Vinay Pathak, Parambtata Chattopadhyaya, Konkona Sen Sharma,Vikrant Massey, Ninad Kamat, Dipika Amin, Sadiya Siddiqui, Rajendra Gupta


Had been waiting for this film ever since its promotions, being a die hard fan of Drishyam films and the content they churn out. Double that up with the fact that it was a Seema Pahwa directorial debut, the actress we loved from her “Badhki” days and of course for the delightful characters and performances in her kitty since last few years.

The film starts on an emotional note and its melodious music (by Sagar Desai) takes that quotient even higher. The song that plays during the cremation was so overwhelming, perhaps owing to the distressful times that we are currently going through, that it actually made me shun the film the first day I started watching. Picked it up some other day with a better frame of mind.

The film is adorned by a delightful set of cast and performances. In a setting that is as close to reality as cinema could get, Pahwa blends soft emotions, subtle humour, sarcasm, social commentary and a heart tugging message in a light and beautiful story that offers plethora of emotions for you to revel in.

The actors that are a part of the cast are such an amazing set that it would be impossible to leave out even a single one to be named. They bring alive the characters in their own nuanced way and make this drama such a pleasure to watch.

The film is a roller coaster of emotions. When you are with Amma, you feel her pain and loneliness. When you see the kids and young ones indulging in their shenanigans, you feel amused. There are instances that you would find yourself even chuckling and then immediately feeling guilty looking at Amma’s expressions. Then are times when the middle generation makes you wince.

The realities captured are relatable and the writing leaves you amazed with its close ups of real life, like the chai, the khaana, the bistar, the sleeping arrangements, the poignant moods mixed with the practical shrewd ones, the rivalries and the family politics. Amidst all this you feel sad at the apathy. 

The film wraps up with the beautiful subtle message of gratitude that is carried forward by the end credits. 

Slow, subtle, engaging ,thought provoking & heart tugging, it is cinema that has its heart in the right place and is happy in its own space. 

You have to be able to see its perspective and you’ll love it.

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