The Trial of Chicago 7 (2020)

A historical film, a legal drama, an engrossing story, an impactful event!

The film revolves around the infamous unusual trial of 7 Anti Vietnam War protesters charged for inciting riots during 1968 Chicago National Democratic Convention.

Cast – Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Sacha Baron Cohen, Daniel Flaherty, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Keaton, Frank Langella, John Carroll Lynch, Eddie Redmayne, Noah Robbins, Mark Rylance, Alex Sharp, and Jeremy Strong.

Writer/ Director – Aaron Sorkin


In August 1968, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, David Dellinger, Lee Weiner, John Froines, and Bobby Seale make preparations for Anti-Vietnam War protests at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

The event led to violent clashes between the police and the protesters. Five months later, we see all eight of them are arrested and charged for trying to incite a riot. The trial was one of the most dramatic and unusual ones in the history of America.

Was it actually the Chicago police who initiated the scuffle that led to riots or the defendants as accused by the state ?

A biased hostile judge, an extremist government, defiant defendants, a conscientious prosecutor, competent defence lawyers, an amusing but sharp legal confrontation and an eye opening all rounded view of the event!


I love legal dramas and I love historical dramas.

This film combines the two genres, is extremely engrossing, manages a dash of humour amidst all the heavy legal stuff and ultimately conveys a thought provoking view about the event and the stakeholders.

It’s as close to facts as a dramatised version can get while keeping it engaging.

It sure looks like a well researched drama for Aaron Sorkin had been working upon it on and off for years since almost 2007.

The ensemble cast have been chosen well, bear a close resemblance to the real Chicago 7 and their neat set of performances give perfect support to the well written screenplay.

The film is highly recommended for those who love historical dramas/ legal dramas and for the fact that its a very well made, superbly engaging, sharp film about a real and significant event .

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