The Hungry

With a story revolving around two industrialist families, it’s a dark thriller that brings to fore the dynamics of power, greed and revenge, in the harshest of ways!

Cast – Naseeruddin Shah, Jayant Kripalani, Tisca Chopra, Neeraj Kabi, Suraj Sharma, Arjun Gupta, Sayani Gupta, Antonia Shakeel

Director -Bornila Chatterjee

Writers – Bornila Chatterjee, Tanaji Dasgupta, Kurban Kassam, Ashish Verma

Based on – Shakespeare’s play Titus Andronicus


The story opens to a  New Year party celebration that is marred by sudden death.

The plot then jumps two years and we see a big fat Indian wedding between two prominent Industrialist families and business partners.

Tulsi Joshi (Tisca), a gorgeous 45 plus year old widow is getting married to a much younger Sunny Ahuja (Arjun Gupta), son of Tathagat (Shah) and brother to Lovleen (Sayani).

There is facade of happiness around the match. None except the groom actually want it. The marriage brings merger of the two businesses.

But the main reason behind this marriage is revenge.

But does it actually pan out the way it was planned?


The film might be three years old but for the sake of those who are yet to watch it, I do not want to give a detailed plot to avoid spoilers.

This very grey but brilliant thriller stands out with its marvellous cast and performances. Naseeruddin Shah, Neeraj Kabi, a very convincing Arjun Gupta and the gorgeous looking Tisca steal your hearts.

The locations and the brilliant cinematography (by Nick Cooke) is the next thing I found impressive.

It promises you many twists and turns and remains compelling throughout its crisp duration.

It gets a tad brutal towards the end but the thriller as an over all package is worth it.

Watch it if you are a fan of thrillers. This is an offbeat impressive one and the cast is a pleasure to watch. Must watch for Tisca Chopra fans.

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