This American thriller is an intense and compelling mystery, around the disappearance of two young girls, that takes us on a frantic and desperate search with taut moments through out. It makes your feelings sway from desperation and frustration to suspicion and doubts and finally leaves you at peace but pondering.

Cast- Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola davis, Terrence Howard, Paul Dano, Mellissa Leo

Director- Denis Villeneuve


Dover and Birch families are having a good time together on a Thanksgiving dinner when their little girls, who were playing together, disappear from their neighbourhood.The only lead is a parked RV that their elder siblings had noticed a little earlier. When the RV is traced and the suspect Alex is arrested and interrogated, he is found absolutely clean and in fact with an IQ of a 10 yr old. Lack of evidence leads to his release but Keller Dover( Hugh Jackman)is not convinced about his innocence and decides to take some drastic steps to save the girls.

Meanwhile investigator Loki(Jake Gyllenhaal) is equally baffled and trying hard.While checking on few suspects, he tumbles upon a dead body in a basement. He notices and tracks another man with highly suspicious behaviour. Someone tries to sneak into the residences of Birch and Dover and the suspect Alex Jones goes missing. Is this all connected ?

The story takes you on terse and edge of the seat journey to find the girls. A stunning and unexpected climax leaves you relieved and pondering at the same time.


The film is an absolutely gripping thriller that keeps you on the edge.It makes you feel worried ,frustrated and guessing. It keeps your needle of suspicion and your empathies oscillating.Hugh Jackman as the aggressive desperate father is good and Jake Gyllenhaal as the quiet and tenacious policeman is superb.

Apart from the high mystery quotient, the film also forces you think about the complexities of morality and values and whether compromising them can ever be justified in adverse situations ?

A superb watch for those who like intense mystery thrillers with some good performances thrown in.

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