Masaba Masaba

It is a light and breezy series that is based around the lives of ace fashion designer Masaba Gupta and her mother ,acclaimed actress Neena Gupta. It is a fictionalised fun peek into their world of fashion and films.

Cast – Masaba Gupta, Neena Gupta, Rytasha Rathore, Neil Bhoopalam, Satyadeep Misra, Smaran Sahu.

Director- Sonam Nair


The story opens with Masaba as an established name in the fashion industry running her fashion house and her and focuses on the turmoils in her personal and professional life; her break up with her husband, investors breathing down her neck, financial problems in her business and the pressure to be out with her latest fashion line.

Neena is a kickass mother, much revered and admired by all but craving and competing for work.The mother daughter duo share a relationship that has love, care, support, admiration, squabbles and disagreements ,all a part of the adorable package.


The Good

Sonam Nair chooses to keep the narrative jocular.The dialogues, situations and expressions are riddled with humour and do not let any heaviness creep into the portrayal of Masaba’s rigmaroles of life.We see amusing dynamics of her relationships and how she deals with it.The way Nair portrays the glib nature of the glamour world and elitists is jestful.She gives an amusing portrayal of Neena Gupta’s life as the bickering, interfering but caring mother and as an artist hungry and excited for work.

There’s something nice about the way she shows the commoner side of the famous.Their goof-ups,weaknesses, failures, disappointments, competition,confusions, imperfections are as good as others’. She chooses not to glorify or beautify her Masaba and  shows her as a girl dealing with similar problems as many others out there. And everything is in lighter vein.

So plenty of chuckles through out.

The Bad

But I missed an emotional connect, a depth to the central characters and a peep into their minds.We know for sure that the inspiring real life story of these two amazing women had potential enough to enrapture us. Masaba’s hardwork, resilience and the fighting spirit she inherits and learns from her mother is clear to see. But at times the situations seem so exaggerated that they seem unrealistic.A peek into her backstory, her childhood or her struggles that she must have gone through to achieve where she is today would have been wonderful and made it a complete package .


Where the narrative meanders , the delightful performances hold your attention.Masaba makes an impressive acting debut and delivers a very natural performance. Neena Gupta is a pleasure to watch as always.The support cast of Neil, Rytasha, Satyadeep and Smaran Sahu deliver charming support.

Overall , this series of 6 episodes( total 3 hrs) is a fun watch that entertains with ample chuckles.Watch their journey through the delightful commotion of their lives .

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