Get Out

An absolutely riveting thriller that is edgy, spooky and a scathing satire about racism.Though labelled as a horror/ thriller, it is a spectacular genre bending film.

Cast- Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones,Catherine Keener, Lil Reg Howery,Stephen Root,Lakeith Stanfield, Betty Gabriel

Writer/ Director- Jordan Peele


Chris(Kaluuya)and his caucasian girlfriend Rose(Alison)are visiting Rose’s parents, Missy and Dean Armitage (Whitford & Keener) for a weekend.

Chris is skeptical about their reaction to him being a black but they turn out to be warm and welcoming.

Chris and Rose also end up being a part of a get together the Armitages are hosting.The community seems affable, liberal and nice.

But there’s something very off.. about the niceties, the warmth and their anti racist liberalism.

There’s something very mysterious .. about the staff at the Armitages’. There’s something very unsettled about Missy Armitage who happens to be a hypnotherapist.There’s something very bizarre… that he notices about a guest at the party.

When Chris shares all this with a friend over phone, he gets back some very shocking information . And when he happens to see some evidence,he knows he has to flee.

What is it that he must flee from ? Is he able to ?


The film was a stunning directorial debut by Jordan Peele.The plot opens like an enthralling package that maintains intense mystery around it. It keeps you spooked and perplexed as you strive to guess the crux and he ensures that a scathing message is wrapped in every layer of the package.

The cinematography and Daniel Kaluuya’s stellar performance deserve accolades.The range of emotions that he goes through, their portrayal and the focus on him ensures that we remain absolutely invested, emotionally and psychologically.

The format is wonderfully genre defying.The satire at places is entertaining, the irony is not lost on you.The spooky unsettling feeling remains through out and the revelation sends chills down your spine.

It is a compelling dark thought provoking thriller packaged as a horror. Goes without saying it’s a  must watch for the sheer

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