Forbidden Love

An interesting anthology of 4 short films/thrillers that boast of acclaimed directors, good cast and intriguing stories with surprise endings and/or unexpected twists.

Each story depicts a different form of love… of course forbidden.

Rules of the Game (Anirudh Roy Chaudhary)

Priya (Aahana Kumra) is a wacky woman married to Gaurav (Chandan Roy Sanyal). She is an adrenaline junkie who loves games, gambles, surprises and adventure in life. When she begins getting stalked by someone, she probably gets the thrills she craves for. But the truth behind the mystery stalker turns out bizarre as the story unfolds… leading to a shocking climax.

Anirudh Roy Chaudhary (Pink) delivers an offbeat, unpredictable story that is gripping and fresh. He etches a very intriguing character of Priya. Concept of love, excitement, fixation, remorse have been woven very well and brilliantly portrayed by Aahana. 

Diagnosis of Love (Mahesh Manjrekar)

Harsh (Vaibhav Tatwawaadi) is an acclaimed surgeon tainted by an allegation around his fiance’s death. Sudha (Raima Sen), director in a hospital, hires him despite her husband, Vaibhav’s ( Manjrekar) doubts about him. It seems Vaibhav’s age factor, inability to have kids and Harsh’s charms are causing a chink in their marriage. Vaibhav seeks the help of his police officer friend Aditya (Ranvijay) to tail and spy on them.

What does destiny have in store for them?

Mahesh Manjrekar, who I feel is the master of thrillers delivers a great one even this time around. The story telling is gripping, suspenseful and with a surprise ending.

Arranged Marriage (Pradeep Sarkar)

Neel (Omkar Kapoor) and Dev (Ali Fazal) are in love. Complexities begun when Neel gets married to Dev’s cousin Keya (Patralekha) under parental pressure. Things get bitter when Keya gets a whiff of their relations and tries to cure her husband’s “ailment” with the help of a homophobic doctor.

Director Pradeep Sarkar (Parineeta, Mardaani) captures the backdrop of Kolkata well. It adds charm and character to the story. Performances are fair if not too great.The unexpected ending is a plus even though not too credible.

Anamika (Priyardarshan)

Anamika (Pooja Kumar) is trapped in a loveless, lifeless marriage to a lawyer (Harsh Chhaya). When she meets the young, good looking, charismatic Ishaan (Aditya Seal), she falls head over heels despite her initial resistance. He now wants her to leave her home and husband for him and she almost does…

Director Priyardarshan depicts a sizzling illicit romance with a good looking and apt cast. It was disappointing to see a prime sequence ”heavily inspired” from the Richard Gere starrer ‘Unfaithful’. The fast pace and completely unexpected ending comes to the rescue and makes it a good crisp watch.

Though all the four stories are short crisp thrillers worth a watch. You may choose to watch either or all as per your palate for storytelling style. My personal favourites were by Mahesh Manjrekar and Anirudh Roy Choudhary.

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