Sense and Sensibility

This classic film is based on the iconic novel by Jane Austen by the same name and has been touted to be a superb adaptation that boasts of a great cast & crew apart from tremendous critical and popular response upon its release.

Cast – Emma Thompson , Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman , Hugh Grant , Greg Wise, Gemma Jones

Director- And Lee


The story based in late 17th century revolves around two sisters who find themselves coping with life , love and heartbreak due to a sudden change in their financial circumstances upon death of their father who passes on his inheritance to his son from the first marriage without making sufficient provisions for his second family.

The two sisters Elinor ( Emma) and Marianne (Kate) are as different from each other as the title conveys. While one is very sensible and sober , the other is a die-hard romantic who doesn’t believe in holding back. Both of them find love but have to suffer due to their destitute circumstances before finding their happily ever after. Rickman , Hugh Grant and Greg Wise play their love interests.


As a social drama ,the film’s screenplay has outstandingly conveyed the life of that era and dynamics of the society of those times which was very status and gender driven. Money and stature play a crucial role in the love life of both the sisters. As a romantic drama ,it conveyed well their love and angst.

The characters left a mark and the performances had lot to do with conveying the emotions. Emma and Kate were fabulous in conveying maturity , sobriety or exuberance or naiveté. One can experience a sagging feeling during their struggle and exultation at the happy ending.

The costumes , locations and the art designs were absolutely great.


Not only was the film a commercial success , but also received worldwide accolades including many awards and numerous nominations at the British Academy Awards and Oscars. Emma Thompson is the only person to have won Academy Awards for both acting and screenwriting.

And Lee is of course a very popular Oscar winning film maker widely popular for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Life of Pi amongst many others.

The film ,recognised as one of the best Austen adaptations of all time is definitely recommended specially for those who love period drams , social/ romantic dramas or literary adaptations.

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