Is a biographical sports drama that tells us the highly inspiring story of the most legendary racehorse ever and the incredible woman who won by the sheer power of faith and determination.

Cast – Diane Lane,John Malkovich, Margo Martindale, Nelsan Ellis

Director- Randall Wallace

When Penny (Diane Lane) takes over her father’s horse farm and business, she realises it is in dire straits. While selling it off would have been a saner option than facing the financial mess, her emotional connect with the farm ,deeper instincts about the horses and some knowledge about the lineages of the breeds propels her to take the big leap and big risk.

And this leap is the onset of a wonderful story that encompasses a life changing toss, a big gamble, a refused offer worth millions; incredible faith; lots of hard work, love and loyalty; setbacks and landmark victory; and a yet unbroken record!

Together with Trainer Lauren, Jockey Paul and Groom Eddie , she embarks upon this awe inspiring and painstaking journey of how” Red” the special horse turned into legendary racehorse “ Secretariat” that won the first ever Triple Crown in 25 yrs, winning by a margin of 31 lengths ,a record unparalleled till date!

The film is not just the story of a legendary race horse, it is not just a sports drama with adrenaline pumping races or edge of the seat set-backs and victories; it is as much a story about an incredible woman taking on a male dominated business, pitching in determination, hard work and infallible faith; it is as much a story about loyalty, respect and unflinching support that Penny and Secretariat had from their team.


Full of thrilling and overwhelming moments, it is a very entertaining and motivating story that, in the end credits introduces us to the real heroes of the real story.

It is an unusual biopic that might be centred around a racehorse but chronicles many stories and many people to admire and gush over.

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