Is a historical drama series based on the novel series by the same name by Diana Gabaldon.

The story revolves around Claire ( Catriona Balfe ),a former nurse and a married woman, who in 1946 finds herself transported back to 1743 Scotland. There, amid all the hostility and dangers, she encounters a dashing highland warrior Jamie (Sam Heughan)and gets embroiled in Jacobite Risings.

While she knows how to go back to her times and desperately tries to , she isn’t able to. But when she finally does , is it what she wants now ?

A series of seasons take you on Claire’s tumultuous and mesmerizing journey of love and estrangement, romance and strife, passion and hatred through two eras that she lives in a single lifetime , armed with love, resilience and her medical knowledge and experience.

The series is absolutely brilliant cinematically and technically combined with some excellent set of performances. It takes you to a different world centuries back and offers a beautiful peep in to the strife ridden era of 1700s that Claire lives through.

If you have a penchant for period dramas and the world of mysticism and healers ,if you have a palate for Scottish and period romances , then this one is going to blow you away. It currently offers 4 complete seasons with 13 episodes each and the fifth season with 5 episodes so far.

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