Khuda Haafiz

Is an action thriller, around a man’s rescue mission in a foreign land to save his wife, which is sure to give you some heart wrenching moments and many others with your heart beats racing.

Cast – Vidyut Jammwal ,Shivaleeka Oberoi , Annu Kapoor, Aahana Kumra , Shiv Panditt, Nawab Shah

Director – Faruk Kabir


It opens to see Samir( Vidyut) in police custody in a country called Noman narrating his story to an embassy official and asking their help to find his wife. In the flashback we see his story about his beautiful wife Nargis( Shivaleeka), their happy marriage and the circumstances that led to both of them opting for jobs abroad. While he was waiting for his work visa,Nargis had to go to Noman first to join an HR job but instead lands up in the clutches of some cartel.

With his life and world in turmoil, he travels to this foreign country only to find that all coordinates that he had are bogus. Finding himself at a dead end with no leads and the local authorities of no help ,he sets upon a dangerous and painstaking inquest with the help of a compassionate cab driver Usman( Annu Kapoor).

Watch his journey of some dismal revelations, unexpected treacheries and lots of blood and gore.


It’s a first mainstream film from Writer Director Faruk Kabir who has earlier given us “ Allah Ke Bandey” and a short film starring Ajay Devgan.

In this film ,he gives us a very compelling premise about a man pushed to the wall and a woman falling in the most hazardous of traps. The helplessness is heartrending and the precariousness of the situation makes your heart beats race.The chase keeps you hooked, praying and emotionally invested.Some of the scenes which I can’t mention to avoid spoilers are almost edge of the seat. The arid and alien locations of the new country and culture add to the dread .

What could have added more zing to this thriller was some bone crushing action. Unfortunately our hero, being a middle class simple man ,had to be limited in terms of his stunt/ action prowess. Hardcore Jammwal fans might not get their usual dose of his superb martial arts and stunts but on the other hand get to see Vidyut doing some fine emotional stuff.

It does at times give you nostalgic feel of some rescue mission based films seen before but the emotional and personal touch of the base story here sets it apart.

The accents looked made up and didn’t work well. Some sags in narrative could have been dealt with editing and given us a crisper film with shorter duration.

I think films being released on OTT must looking into this aspect which I have felt with other recent releases too.


Vidyut who has always appeared in his action hero avatar surprised me with his emotional avatar. His trembling hands, voice and the shaken up husband and helpless common man persona was good. For us to have emotionally felt Samir’s pain and plight, I think Vidyut has done well.

Shivaleeka looks absolutely beautiful and pristine.The girl who wowed us with her shrewd conniving character in her debut” Yeh saali Ashiqui’ has portrayed the innocent Nargis very well . Two completely different shades in her first two films is an impressive and promising start.

Annu Kapoor, Shiv Panditt, Ahaana Kumraa and Nawab Khan put up a good support.


Over all the film is a good thrilling watch that thrives on its gripping premise backed by good actors. It’s a must watch for Jamwwal fan and action thriller enthusiasts.

Rating 7 on 10

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