Director- Hardik Mehta

Writers- Hardik Mehta, Radhika Anand

Cast- Sanjay Mishra,, Deepak Dobriyal, Isha Talwar, Avtar Gill

In a nutshell :

This story about a retired supporting actor trying to make a comeback is a befitting ode to all the amazing supporting actors who complete a film,win our hearts & yet live at the fringes in the world of cinema.


Sudheer( Sanjay Mishra) is a side actor who is seen better days and has almost faded away. When he realises that with just one more film, he could cross a milestone of 500, he gets excited and ambitious and tries his best to make a comeback.

The story gives us a heart-warming peep into his world, his relationships, his fears, his inability to understand and cope with the changing tide, his craving for good work,recognition and respect.


Hardik Mehta makes a film thats all heart ! But someone needs to love cinema and all those support actors and their performances to be able to see the intent behind this beautiful film.

In a film thats not too long, he manages to give a peep not only into Sudheer’s life but also the industry ‘s functioning.Its luring, its commercial, it’s hard , its harsh !

It shows some from Sudheer’s generation who have learnt to ride the tide with alternate opportunities like TV, digital, commercials. It shows youngsters coping with rejections in their own ways. It shows that it’s an industry where you have to be enterprising, sharp and have nerves of steel.


Honestly speaking, it’s a Sanjay Mishra film through and through.

He is such a natural and such pleasure to watch, he brings Sudheer come alive and makes him absolutely adorable and endearing.

Deepak Dobrial as a casting agent , Sarika Singh as Sudheer’s daughter, Avtar Gill playing himself,Isha Talwar as a Sudheer’s neighbour and a struggling actress are all good support.

It was a pleasure to see many yester year actors like Birbal, Guddi Maruti, Liliput, Viju Khote, Manmaiji and few others.

The film follows a leisurely pace. It has an endearing quality about it even though it makes you heavy hearted at times. But most of all it makes you adore and respect that brigade who seek pleasure in their work without getting the deserved recognition most of the times.

Recommendation :

The film is no doubt niche cinema and may not be meant for the masses.But a true blue cinema lover would be able to see the intent and the heart in the film. Those who have loved cinema in its entirety, including Sambha, Kalia and Nathulal and such others would definitely love this one !

Score 8 on 10

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