Julie And Julia

I would describe this American Comedy as awesome piece of culinary cinema that is not only highly inspiring , but wonderfully entertaining and humorous , besides inducing some drools and hunger pangs.

Cast – Meryl Streep , Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci , Chris Messina

Director -Nora Ephron

It follows the lives of two women in different eras with two common threads between them , their love for cooking and perseverance.

It’s based on real people ,famous American cook book writer Julia Child and blogger / writer Julie Powell whose famous blogs were converted into a book and adapted into a film.


1950 – Julia Child , wife of a diplomat who gets posted in Paris is a cooking enthusiast and a bored homemaker. She faces the challenge of finding no French cookbooks in English. She joins professional French cooking classes , overcomes the biases against her being a woman and an American. She not only excels in what she did but also took it a step further by writing a book. She puts in many painstaking years to write, faces many challenges , not being able to find publishers initially but never gives up. She goes on to become a famous iconic personality.

2002 -Julie is a potential writer, a cooking enthusiast and a big fan of Julia Child. Bored of her monotonous job, to pep herself in life, and to follow both her passions, she decides to start trying all Julia’s recipes and writing a blog on it.

After initial discouragements of no response , which she doesn’t let deter her, her blog starts getting popular. Her blog eventually tops and gets lot of media attention. Her blog was the first to ever get published as a book and later adapted as a film.

The film clearly boasts of superb screenplay, direction and actors.

The dialogues are remarkably subtle and humorous.

The humour is spot on with plenty of chuckles and laugh out aloud moments. Meryl gives performance that’s a pleasure unexplainable and Amy is adorable.

The film carries a very inspirational note considering the fact that both women never faltered on efforts and perseverance , never gave up, always kept their spirits up and followed their passions by heart.

Critical Acclaim

The film is rated amongst the top 10 culinary films till date. Meryl Streep swept the awards of the year as Best Actress and the film also got recognised for best adapted screenplay.

The film is bright, adorable, inspirational and a pleasure to watch. Highly recommended for foodies , cooking enthusiasts , budding writers , bloggers and of course Meryl Streep fans.

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