Deliver Us From Evil

Is a supernatural horror that’s interestingly based on a non-fictional book by Ralph Sarchie, an ex NYPD turned demonologist. The film is based on many real life accounts by him experienced during his service with the police dept. narrated in his book called ‘ Beware the Night”.

Cast – Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez

Director -Scott Derrickson


Spl Ops Seargent Sarchie gets to attend some freaky and bizarre calls on 911. A woman appearing lunatic throws her child into a mote around the Lion’s enclosure in the zoo. A family reports of some bizarre inexplicable happenings in their home. A woman complaints of violent abuse by her husband who has been behaving weird off late. Eventually he discovers that the cases are linked and related to some ancient pictographs.

A priest he meets during one of the cases feels that the pictograph is a doorway from hell that people are trying to access and Sarchie himself is vulnerable due to his heightened intuitiveness.

After much persuasion , he convinces atheist Sarchie of his theory but is it too late by then ? A lot many life are at risks including Sarchie’s family.

While the film is supposedly an exorcism fare that offers nothing new , what works in its favour are the atmospherics and the investigative chase.

The demonic manifestations are very typical and the exorcism sequence a bit boring and devoid of scares. But overall it’s an average fair not too bad for horror buffs.

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