Director/ writer- Bhanu Pratap Singh

Cast- Vicky Kaushal,Bhumi Pednekar, Ashutosh Rana, Siddhanth Kapoor, Meher Vij

In a nutshell

This lame attempt at horror genre is a big disappointment except for a pinch of mystery/ twist that’s the only thing likeable about the film apart from Vicky Kaushal.


Prithvi is an anguished man reeling under grief and psychological problems over the his dead wife and daughter.

As a shipping officer, when he ‘s asked to survey an old abandoned ship which is apparently haunted, his life gets all the more messed up. Are they really hallucinations or spirits that he sees? The truth is linked to what happened on the ship years ago which is what he now has to unravel.


Writer Director Bhanu Pratap Singh does a poor job on both fronts. While he tries to blend some psychological, super natural and mystery thriller aspects, he ends up succeeding at none. In a very weak plot, he tries the most dilapidated cliches to scare the audience. He ends up only making them laugh at the max. Neither the situations , nor visuals, neither the atmospherics , nor the background score , absolutely nothing scares you.

The only thing around the middle of the 2 hours length, is a mystery/ twist that was a temporary relief only to be bashed up by a supremely shoddy climax .

All through the film, I kept reminiscing Amir Khan’s Talaash which had a similar basic premise of an angsty man trying to fight his own demons and trying to resolve a mystery. What a superb piece of cinema it was.


Vicky Kaushal delivers pretty well inspite of the limitations of a sub par script.

Meher Vij , Ashutosh Rana , Bhumi Pednekar actually need to think whether they really needed to do this film.

And while you worked hard on obtaining the rights to the title of “ Bhoot” , you could have spent some efforts and money to get a better actor to play the very part Mr. Johar !


With zero fear factor, this one can be avoided at all costs unless you are a die-hard Vicky Kaushal fan.

Score 2 on 10

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