Asur is a crime thriller web series that’s been creating quite a noise for quite some time now. After numerous recommendations , I finally decided to catch up. While many or most might have already watched , here’s a little update for those who haven’t.

Cast – Arshad Warsi , Barun Sobti, Ridhi Dogra , Sharib Hashmi

Director- Oni Sen

Writer – Gaurav Shukla

A web series of 7 episodes ,It is psychological , dark , even macabre at times. But what sets this serial killer crime drama apart is the way it blends the criminal bent of mind with mythology, cult culture and the psychosis behind such cults.

The screenplay and writing by Gaurav Shukla is the first thing that needs to be appreciated. The blending of the above mentioned aspects is awesome. The mystery imparted by the mythological / cult angle makes the series not only engaging but very intriguing.

Direction is good but seems a little held back by the production values. With a little more budgets, I am sure Oni Sen would have done a superb job.

A special mention for its superb background music.

Performance wise , I found Barun Sobti very impressive.

Arshad, Ridhi , Sharib Hashmi (the man who made an impressive debut with hilarious Filmistaan years back) were also good.

Good watch for those who like a blend of mystery and darkness in crime thriller /psychological thrillers.

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