As Good As It Gets

Is a highly acclaimed and extremely endearing comedy drama that not only has great humour and feel good factor but also peps you up while offering a lot to observe.

Cast – Jack Nicholson , Helen Hunt , Greg Kinnear

Director -James L.Brooks


Melvin(Jack N) is a foul mouthed, wretched in behaviour, misanthrophist (extremely contemptuous to everyone around ) who also suffers from OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Two things are about to turn this asocial’s life topsy turvy. When his detested neighbour Simon(Greg K) is hospitalised, he is forced to keep his even more detested dog for a few days. When the only waitress Carol( Helen H), who copes up with his vile behaviour at the only restaurant he dines at , fails to show at work , he has to pitch in to help her sick son. Before he realises , he is further entangled in Helen’s and Simon’s life and this is the onset of change in him, his vile tongue and his aversion to people.


While keeping us thoroughly entertained, with great dialogues and superb performances, the makers give us a sneak peek into the good human part of Melvin that he’s kind of sheepish about. Jack Nicholson does a marvellous job at managing to make Melvin look endearing , funny and human inspite of all the obscenities he spews at people.

Carol’s no nonsense but insistent personality offers a lot to observe and adulate as she handles this near impossible person.Helen plays her very well.

This extremely humorous journey of transformation, much against his resistance, is a delight to watch.


Amongst the plethora of nominations and awards , the film won both the coveted awards of Academy and Golden Globe in the best actor and best actress category. A rare feat.

Great watch. Highly recommended.

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