Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3

Cast- Sanjay Dutt, Jimmy Shergill, Mahi Gill, Deepak tijori, Chitrangada Singh, Soha Ali Khan, Kabir Bedi, Nafisa Ali, Deepraj Rana

Director- Tugmanshu Dhulia

Writers- Tigmanshu Dhulia, Sanjay Chauhan

The saga of Saheb and Biwi continues on .. albeit we get to see less of both and more of the Gangster in this third part.

In continuation from where the previous sequel ended, the film opens with Kunwar Aditya(Jimmy ) still in jail after he was convicted of murder. His second wife Ranjana(Soha )is in the cups all the time. His first wife, the spirited, sharp and conniving Madhavi ( Mahi Gill ) is enjoying her political stint and making sure Saheb stays behind bars. When he does manage to get released, begins the game of deceit and conspiracies.

In a parallel track, Kunwar Uday(Sanjay Dutt),a blue blooded man turned gangster is settled in London but craving for his love interest Suhani (Chitangadha) who is in his hometown. When circumstances make him come back home, his cousin (Deepak Tijori) and uncle Hari Singh( Kabir Bedi) plot against him to avoid giving him his share of property.

Somewhere in between these two tracks are Sanjana’s father ( Zakir Hussain) who hates Aditya and wants revenge. Then there ‘s Deepal, who is the daughter of Kanhaiya ( DeepRaj Rana), the old loyalist of Aditya and now a close aide to Aditya.

Together, all this twines to give us a web of conspiracies, hatred,ambition, lust and love.So obviously,there’s constant movement of story and there’s enough to keep us occupied. While there isn’t a dull moment, there’s no high or wow factor either. There is ample to watch but the quality is missing.

While writer director Dhulia had a perfect set up, already developed and much popular central characters and a huge fan following of earlier franchises to ride upon, he couldn’t do justice to the story this time. Too many characters, too less work on writing or developing characters and too much focus on the gangster.

While the earlier two movies had a class and style of their own with the dark, grim story and characters, they were good works with well written screenplays and some really good dialogues. Of course a fine set of actors like Irfan, Randeep, Soha,Jimmy and Mahie made sure that the end product was as good as the screen play.

But this time Tigmanshu Dhulia really falters on those grounds . It seems that he has lost focus altogether. Not only is the screenplay shoddy, but the zingy dialogues are sparse.

While you want more of Jimmy,Mahie and their sharp exchanges , you get a plethora of undeveloped characters. Also, I feel the casting left much to be asked for.

Sanjay Dutt has a teddy bear kind of sweetness around him now and he just doesn’t fit the bill of the edgy gangster. With all due respect to Dutt fans, he didn’t deserve the kind of footage he’s been given.

Chitrangada.. with her accented hindi and such cosmopolitan looks ,I wonder what makes a director choose her as a rustic character. She seems downright funny with her pouty dialogues.

Jimmy Shergill is as gorgeous as he has been in his earlier parts. His voice quality and extremely understated performance is just perfect. Wish he was given more footage.

Mahie, as zesty, fiesty Madhavi is superb as in earlier parts .

Jimmy and Mahie together are enough reasons to watch the movie.

Nafiza Ali (as Sanjay’s mother )hardly fits the bill of blue blooded lady. Apart from her regal face, her body language and demeanour didn’t match up.

It was the darkness of characters and the grimness of the atmospherics that stood out in earlier parts.

Part 3 has same grimness and foreboding but only in parts. The editing and music departments were lacking. Some action scenes and choreography were also not up to the mark.

But overall, it could be a good one time watch. If you keep your expectations low and do not make comparisons with the earlier parts, you wouldn’t find it disappointing.

Score 6 on 10.

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