Happy Phirr Bhaag Jayegi

Cast- Sonakshi Sinha, Diana penty, Jimmy Shergill, Ali Fazal, Piyush Mishra, jassi Gill

Director/ Writer- Mudassar Aziz

Is a comedy that’s a sequel to Happy Bhag Jayegi starring Diana Penty as Happy.

This time the story brings to us two Happys ( Diana and Sonakshi Sinha).

Happy and Guddu ( Ali Faizal ) land in China for a musical concert and Happy ( Sonakshi ) arrives at the same time to join a university as a horticulture professor.

Because of confused identity, the new Happy finds herself kidnapped by the goons wanting to pick up the other Happy, but manages to flee, and while being chased by the chinese goons lands with Khushwant ( Jassie Gill).

Meanwhile Baggha( Jimmy ) and Afridi ( Piyush Mishra ) have also been kidnapped from India and Pakistan respectively as a part of the same conspiracy.

Jason Tham plays a henchman leading the kidnapping plans but always lands up in trouble.

Somewhere along this track is an influential chinese man of Pakistani origin (Denzil Smith ) who helps Khushwant and new Happy. Raja Bundela plays Sonakshi’s father.

What ensues further is a mumbo jumbo of confusions, some funny situations, some hilarious ones and many downright banal and frustrating.

While writer and director Mudassar Aziz tries his best to add a new chinese twist to the good earlier script , he does not succeed. The screenplay is very lacklustre and moves at either very slow pace or seems to go round in circle.

The dialogues which were the brightest spot in the prequel do not tickle the funny bones enough this time.

Piyush Mishra and Jimmy’s dialogues in the earlier movie were the major reason that I was looking forward to this one and unfortunately was very disappointed. Both the actors were quite wasted I must say.

Sonakshi in her usual bouyant self and tries to lift the story.

Jassie Gill ‘s is loveable as innocent and simple Khushi.

Jimmy’s character doesn’t get the deserved writing and dialogues but the actor in him delivers his best ( even the hilarious dance in the superman’s costume )

Piyush Mishra was the most painful wastage. He was given at the max some very silly situations and dialogues this time unlike in the prequel where he left us doubled up with laughter.

Diana and Ali were merely a guest appearance.

Music was otherwise average. But what stood out for me was the rich voice of Daler Mehndi singing the title song to some good desi melody by Sohail Sen.

I believe there’s no harm in indulging in senseless comedy sometimes.

The humour was silly but not slapstick and provided for quite a many chuckling moments.

While the situations in the movie remained largely funny, the bright spots or the hilarious ones were few and far between.

If the length was a little shorter , screenplay tighter, with some better dialogues thrown in , the end result would have been much better.

If you are a comedy enthusiast and not biased towards absolutely silly humour, this could be the one for you but will have to keep patience with the length.

Score 5 on 10

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