Cast-Akshay Kumar, Rajnikanth, Amy Jackson, Sushanshu Pandey

Director- S Shankar

Writers- S Shankar, B Jeyamohan, Madhan Karky

The much hyped Rajni starrer is a VFX heavy predictable story of good versus evil where in Dr. Vashikaran ( Rajnikant )brings back to life his robotic invention Chitti to fight an evil super power that seems to have attacked the cities in Tamil Nadu.

The mysterious negative super power snatches away cellphones, destroys cellphone towers and kills those who are the helm of this nexus.

Dr. Vashikaran, his robot Chitti 2.0 (Rajni) along with his new humanoid Nila ( Amy Jackson) come together to find out who is playing havoc and why. Akshay plays the role of the so called monster.

The only thing that the movie can boast about are its visual effects. If only the plot and the script were little more elaborate, it could have been a thrilling affair. But unfortunately, the sequences seem repetitive, the gags very amateurish and the energy and thrills virtually nil.

Even in the sequence that was supposed to reason the rise of the negative power, it failed miserably in welling up any emotions inspite of the fact that the message was a noble one.

Performance wise , Akshay tried his level best in that little time when he plays a human.

Rajnikant played his usual gimmicks sans energy.

In fact , I found rest of everything so dull that Amy seemed to liven up the screen whenever she was there.

The only thing positive that I have to say about the movie is the very relevant message that it tries to convey that cell phones have completely messed up our lives socially and behaviourally. Their usage and dependence has reached a worrisome addictive level. They have become a hazard not only in terms of addictive and technological dependence that we have on them but also environmentally because of the radiations involved. While the last fact is debatable, the first one is definitely not.

But the film messes up this message also by the time it ends.

I think the film is meant only for hardcore Rajni fans. Honestly speaking, I found Thugs of Hindustan more entertaining than this. It seemed silly after a certain point of time but at least kept me awake.

Score 5 on 10.

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