Cast- Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Ileana D’Cruz, Esha Gupta, Vidyut jammwal, Sanjay Mishra, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Sharad Kelkar, Adil Hussain.

Director- Milan Luthra

Writer- Rajat Arora

Is a masala entertainer that is centred around a treasure heist in Rajasthan based in times of emergency.

Well, the plot, even though cliched, doesn’t sound so bad but the final product was much worse.

It’s quite astonishing to see how can a writer director team turn out something so mediocre and so frivolous when they had a cliched but potentially good plot outline in addition to all the star power at their disposal.

It is the same team (Rajat Arora,Milan Luthria ) that together gave us awesome films like Taxi No 9211, OUATM , Dirty Picture and some more which were not so great but certainly not as bad as this one.

To begin with the flaws, it was majorly the poorly written script.

For a plot that’s centred around a heist, if not watertight , it has to be coherent to say the least.

This one had so many loopholes that it was as good as tattered.

Dialogues with an overload of Rajasthani accent were good only in glimpses though there were ample ones that were pretty amateurish. The best ones seem to have gone to our deserving Sanjay Mishra and they invited chuckles and whistles.

The rest of the star cast seemed to have been wasted away. Ajay Devgun and Imran Hashmi seemed to be bound tight by the lacklustre writing. Vidyut Jammwal wasn’t given a chance to do what he’s best at that is wow us with his stunts. Esha is merely a showpiece. Illeana thankfully managed to show some presence thanks to her central character.

Except for one, the songs were nondescript (even poor Sunny couldn’t manage to salvage her item song) .

Nothing managed to impress, the stunts, the chases, the characters, nothing. On the contrary there were many cringe worthy and senseless scenes.

The only positive thing after watching this debacle was the hearty laugh we had thinking about that hidden treasure that was to be stolen. Can’t believe that it was stowed away in the same style as in Ali Baba ki Gaar or in dungeons of Pyramids, open overflowing chests with ornaments hanging out, huge platters with heaps of coins et all. In fact, it was discovered by the army not with flashlights but with kerosene lit torches (mashaals). It was as caricature-ish and hilarious as it can be.

Unless you are a hardcore masala movie buff , I think this one can be given a miss.

Score 5 ( minus 1 for beguiling us with the studded names )

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