Ok Janu

Cast -Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Leela Samson, Prahlad Kakkar

Director – Shaad Ali

Story and Screenplay – Mani Ratnam

Dialogues and Lyrics – Gulzar

The movie is a remake of a Mani Ratnam super hit, story of a commitment phobic and ambitious couple who find perfect companionship, understanding and love with each other.

Sometimes I wonder if I am a bit out of tune for these “new-age-modern-relationship” based movies Or the film makers overdo just to portray this “perfect no-strings-attached “modern lifestyle .

The disastrous “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil “, otherwise fairly good “Dear Zindagi” and now this one.

Similar aspects .. love at first sight, cushioned life, no interfering families, no issues, perfect understanding and no strings. Fun, parties, rides, dancing, going out, is what these so called romances are made of.

And then these film makers expect us to see passion and chemistry out of this concoction.

If you are not looking for any such aspects, if you find it easy to relate to such characters, then perhaps this could be termed as a light and breezy romance.

Aditya and Shraddha are two good looking actors. They perform well. The art work , the frames, the styling gives the film a definite feel good factor. Shraddha’s styling would be a trendsetter for sure. There are no apparent lows.

Surprisingly, the real love, the beauty of companionship and the best parts of the film are around the older couple Naseeruddin Shah and Leela Samson. Their characters and the portrayal by both actors in very endearing and elicit more emotions than the other so called romance.

Over all , it could be rated as a mediocre feel good entertainer.

Watch it if this kind of romance is your cup of tea or else watch Dangal again or Haramkhor if you are a Nawazuddin fan.

Score 6 on 10.

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