Kahaani 2 (2016)

Cast – Vidya Balan, Arjun Rampal, Tunisha Sharma, Jugal Hansraj

Writer/Director – Sujoy Ghosh

Sujoy Ghosh carries forward his franchisee with this thriller which has only two things common with the earlier one, Vidya Balan and Kolkata. And both the things are no doubt the strongest part of his film making .

The way he uses Kolkata as a backdrop to his story, those streets, the houses, the accent, is definitely his USP. The build-up of the story is excellent and quick and we are hooked on right from the start. The pace and the suspense is relentless till the interval.

An issue that was pivotal in the story is being avoided being mentioned here or it could be a spoiler. It did make an emotional connect. Wish every Mini would get a Durga.

Vidya Balan gives a superb and flawless performance. The way that woman masters her characters not bothering about her looks or vanity is admirable. She plays the complex character with complete ease.

Arjun Rampal gives a neat impressive performance, not a surprise though. He’s amply proven himself in the two Rock Ons.

As the fit good looking cop , he’s a pleasant addition (if I may add hot too).

The support caste is as perfect as in all Sujoy Ghosh movies.

While the story and suspense is gripping in the first half , in the second half , it kind of slackens and becomes a tad predictable. Towards the end, the climax seemed almost sure shot. We could see a few glitches and few cliches too.

But overall it was fine well-made film with good suspense / thrill and a great set of performances.

Do not compare with Kahaani and it’s definitely a worth watch.

Rating 7 on 10.

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