Dishoom (2016)

Cast – John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Akshaye Khanna, Saqib Saleem

Director – Rohit Dhawan

Story & Screenplay by – Rohit Dhawan, Tushar Hiranandani

It’s a buddy cop movie which probably aimed to be a masala thriller.

Well… in actual, it is definitely a masala entertainer albeit a no brainer kinds with a lot of goofy humour, a lot of style and some thrills.

It begins with a potentially great plot of a top Indian cricketer getting kidnapped. The thrills and chase could have been top class. But we kept waiting for the things to start making sense before eventually realising that that’s not meant to be. So we started relishing what was there to enjoy.

The story and screenplay was very average and predictable. The film meanders and sags at many places. But the three stars more than made up for lack of things . John is looking good, Varun is at his charming and cute self and Jacqueline is looking hot and beautiful. Plus… the amazing cameo thrown in by Akshay Kumar is definitely something to watch out for.

Akshay Khanna was an added plus seen after a long time. But wish there was more to his role in terms of length and quality. He’s definitely worth more.

The music is catchy and locations are cool.

So , if you don’t mind a light, feel good look good kind of entertainment sans logic but with some thrills and humour and a lot of star charisma, this one could do it for you.

Rating 6 on 10

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