Akira (2016)

Cast – Sonakshi Sinha, Konkana Sen Sharma, Anurag Kashyap, Raai Laxmi

Director – A.R Murugadoss

Writer – Santha Kumar

It is supposedly a woman centric film about an angry young woman who has been taught from the childhood to never fear and always stand up against the wrong.

Unfortunately this noble message is the only good thing about the movie for the simple reason that it’s not been portrayed in any substantial manner through a cohesive story that is a must for any message to have an impact.

It’s surprising to find that this ultra-dull, long and rather lame film is by a director who has given us a thriller like Gajini and in fact his Holiday was not too bad either.

The weakest point is the writing and plot and the screenplay is equally bad. You keep waiting till eternity for the film to start making sense.

The most important and the central character of Akira is not well written. The story doesn’t dwell on her psyche or strengths except the fact that she does some good kickass action in such a masculine style that you just needed to replace a man there and the scene could have been the same. Except the main antagonist played by Anurag Kashyap, the rest of side characters are pretty lame too.

It’s a pity that Sonakshi does full justice to the character and shows some great potential with those silent brooding looks but those efforts get lost in the badly written role and subplots. Anurag looks every bit the bad cop and displays nastiness with equal measure as portrayed in his own movies .

Konkana Sen shows her worth even the tiny role that she has.

The director just tries to capitalise on the issues like acid attacks and woman self-defence etc in most immature and silly manner, logic obviously thrown out the window.

He’s sadly mistaken that this stale old formula of hero/heroine single-handedly fighting against odds in a dramatized style will work out just because the main protagonist is a woman who can do some action as well.

The end product is a big disappointment that is definitely avoidable. You can watch it for Sonakshi and Anurag if you have to.

Score 4 on 10.

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