Talvar (2015)

Cast – Irrfan Khan, Konkana Sen Sharma, Neeraj Kabi, Sohum Shah, Ayesha Parveen

Director – Meghna Gulzar

Writer – Vishal Bhardwaj

This film which is like a well-researched documentary thriller will make you get up, re-think, ponder and actually force you to realise that there could have been a different side to the story that we all devoured so readily. It’s impactful and in a way disturbing too.

The movie is marvellous… with a tight and gripping narrative written by Vishal Bhardwaj himself along with the screenplay too.

Performances by lead stars are pretty neat… but as usual Irfan stands out. Apart from the fact that he is a great actor who always adds that extra touch to the characters he plays, is also the advantage that his character was the most well etched out.

One song that runs in the background sung by Rekha Bharadwaj has the typical melancholy melody of Vishal Bhardwaj signature style.

The movie presents to us different perspectives of what could have been without being “directly” judgemental. But it does build up a strong pro – Talwars thinking and does manage to make us feel partly guilty that we did buy all that was sold to us by the media … television and print.

We all were well aware about how it was a botched up case right from the beginning thanks to the initial police investigation (the detailed portrayal of which makes you cringe)… but more disturbing are the facts how the investigations were hijacked even in ace institution like CBI due to personal equations, egos and departmental politics !

While some interesting facts were revealed, never highlighted by the media… some were left out too.

The movie focuses on the investigation part and not the prosecution and the court case.

But it sure highlights the disturbing possibility that the parents could very possibly be innocent and the murderers went scot free.

The movie for sure made me have a sympathetic view on Talwars for the first time and hope they get a fair hearing in their appeal in the higher court and justice should prevail!

Meghna Gulzar sure did this one with a lot of conviction and passion !

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