Ghayal Once Again (2016)

Cast – Sunny Deol, Om Puri, Shivam Patil, Rishabh Arora, Abhilash Kumar, Neha Khan

Director – Sunny Deol

Story by  – Sagar Pandya, Shaktimaan Talwar, Sunny Deol

Statutory Warning: This one could fatally injure your patience.

Going by the promos and trailers, much as mentally prepared we were that this was not going to turn out any great, what was definitely not expected was the endurance test that we had to last through by the end of the movie.

The script is completely lifeless and boring. Too many sub plots and characters muddling up everything. Some of the dialogues borderline silly. No music to talk about except that ‘Lapak Jhapak’ .

The booming dialogues and the teeth gritting punches and fights, so trademark of a Sunny Deol movie were missing. All that we had to suffice with were a few good chases .

Overall the direction was pretty poor.

The only silver lining in this whole cloud was a great negative performance by Narendra Jha. He was the only watchable part of the film and a good one at that. It definitely outshone even Sunny’s central character.

And god save Sunny from a lawsuit being filed by Ambani for not only an uncanny resemblance to a character but also featuring it in such a poorly made film that you can’t wait for it to end.

Score 4 out of 10 .

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