Azhar (2016)

Cast – Emraan Hashmi, Lara Dutta, Nargis Fakhri, Prachi Desai, Kunaal Roy Kapur

Director – Tony D’Souza              

Written by – Rajat Aroraa

It’s a supposed biopic based on the life of Azharuddin. But neither the film makers want to call it a biopic nor the viewers would like to, after watching the movie.

Considering that he had such an interesting life story of rags to riches, being an underdog who achieved unbelievable heights of fame purely on his talent and hard work, and how the glossy life and glamour changed his life… film “could have been” as amazing as the life story itself. But alas, it comes across as a feeble attempt.

It actually does not show any of the details that his fans would have loved to see. His hard work, his practises, how he developed his techniques, his abilities that made him one of the most successful captains of his time. Nor is there even an iota of sports in this movie which was supposed to be a story of a sports legend. For that matter, how did the introvert bumbling man develop a love for jazzy things and gloss and glamour.

All that the film concentrates on is the match fixing scandal… and that too has been handled in a such a superfluous way that it has neither the facts, nor the sharpness.

It seemed a hurried attempt to glorify the man and clear his name giving one of the silliest reasons possible for his innocence.

The director did try his best but he had a very mediocre script to work on. Performance wise, Imraan Hashmi did his level best to salvage the movie. His portrayal of Azhar’s vulnerability is very convincing (though we doubt if Azhar actually was) but there could have been more work done on the physical mannerisms and speaking style. He does try to imitate that swagger and bumbling etc but only in bits and pieces.

Prachi Desai was convincing as a simpleton homely wife.

Nargis Fakhri looked unbelievably stupid and pouty. It was unfair that she portrayed the beautiful and graceful Sangeeta Bijlani.

Overall it was an average, dull and disappointing movie. Cricket and Azhar fans could opt for it purely for curiosity. But keep the expectations low.

Would rate it 5 on 10.

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